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The Independent

Energy Security Agency 


The Independent Energy Security Agency (TheIESA.com) is an energy security agency founded and managed by Moty Kuperberg and a team of experts from different industry and academy disciplines.

The goal of the IESA is to increase global Energy Security, by working our unique Energy GPS Model


TheIESA.com is an energy security agency founded and managed by Moty Kuperberg of Dynamic Shipping Services, Haifa, Israel. The goal of the IESA is to increase Energy Security. This will be achieved by monitoring supply and demand and evaluating the effect of geopolitical changes on the security of supply. In addition, focus will be placed on pricing by highlighting it as a part of the energy security equation. Sustainability - by working the needed shift to Renewable and Alternative energy sources; and yet use oil and gas as required and needed.  

TheIESA.com will consist of a large network of companies, institutes, and entities that together can influence their security of supply and energy prices. To join / comment: moty@dynamic-shipping.com 

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Energy Security Assessment and Ratings

Energy Security is on top of our agenda. We have been working on the Local, Regional and Global arena, to secure energy security. 

We run rating and awaraness preparations.studies.

We have introduced it in the last 3 years in different energy conferences world wide.  

LNG Consultancy
Small Scale LNG

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas brings more natural gas from more sources to more customers. It strengthen global security of supply and help to diversify LNG sources with more LNG suppliers to join the Gas Revolution.

We have been working on LNG Small Scale Feeders and distribution solution since 2003. Among our customers were Cyprus Government, Turkish Botas and other LNG players worldwide.

We have been involved with the Israeli FSRU project since its early RFI stage back in 2008.

Energy Prices

We have been working on Energy Price range, to strenghten energy security, Price must be part of any Energy Security model, and under our activity we work to set Floor and Cap price range. 

Training and Enrichment Workshops

We offer training and enrichment activity for your management, team and cutomers. 

Among the main subjects are analysis of changing Geoplolitical and Supply,  Oil and gas economy and prices,  


Media & Conferences

Media Publications

LNG Industry

"LNG Small Scale Solutions"

by Moty Kuperberg


Oil and Gas Journal

Various Quotes of Moty Kuperberg, 

mainly on energy security issues,  

oil and gas price - comments and forecasts



Energy Security - GPS Model

Geopolitics - Price - Supply